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Board games are amazingly fun! As passionate enthusiasts, we’d like to share this to the community. We believe there are activities that bring better value than watching T.V. or fixating eyes on mobile screens. Board games are creative entertainment that connects people through interactive ways. We hope to raise awareness on how awesome board games are.


Saigon Board Game Store Pre-launching PartySaigon Board Game started in 2013 under the name BoardGameGeekVN (CuaHangBoardGame). The idea was to create an online community and markerplace in Vietnam for gaming enthusiasts. The pursuit has been quite a long journey, but we were compelled by our love and interest.

We organized meetings open to the community, inviting business developers, gamers, and anyone interested in furthering the cause. We even had friends from different parts of the country fly into Saigon. With the growing interest, we decided to change the name to redefine our identity – that and because BoardGameGeekVN was a bit misleading since we are not a representative of Board Game Geek.

October 2015, we decided to change our name to Saigon Board Game (SGBG). We also had so many varying interests that didn’t allow us to focus. For example, events, translating games, etc. And so, we decided to tackle down one thing at a time, the first: To create Vietnam’s first authentic board game shop, right in the heart of Saigon.

Since we already had an online store, owning a physical location would only better improve the experience. There were already so much cluttering information online, it just didn’t make solid sense to further our online presence.

Partnering with another gaming enthusiast, on January 2016, we finally finished all renovations to open the board games shop. It was an historic moment as we celebrated with over 200 attendees on that grand-opening night. Friends and fans from all over came to visit. The event was official that we have set foot into the board games industry. The shop had customers and friends visiting quite frequently. We had gaming sessions, small tournaments, all fun and games!


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Nguyen Victor Vu 

Victor leads workshops on creativity and business communications. His affinity for board games started since childhood when his uncle gifted to him a box of cardboards from Germany. Baffled, he shared it to friends later to discover the wonders encapsulated from this box. Though only a hobby, Victor has been inspired on pursuing a business importing games from around the world. You can expect to find a game in his backpack everywhere he goes!



Nguyen Hoang Long 

Leaving the online gaming arena, Mage Knight was the first game that got Long into this trade. He loves pirates and miniature war games, going through experiences in commando, summoning and managing resources. Outside of board games, Long is currently working in logistics and operations. He enjoys traveling and learning new cultures.



Le Dang Hoang An – Timothy  

Currently a student, Timothy also lead games at events and internally manages the orders and sales at Saigon Board Game. His most favorite games include Istanbul and Power Grid. Outside of work, he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee at various sites around the city. Timothy is enthusiastic and believes in never giving up on any project you start. 





Hai-Yen_Saigon-Board-GameDao Nguyen Hai Yen

Hai Yen represents Đồ Chơi Tiên Đông, an emerging startup in Vietnam manufacturing brain games. She has worked in many professional environments including with Coca-Cola and IKEA. Her goal and visions are as the same with Saigon Board Game, which is to expand the gaming awareness to the Vietnamese community, especially to younger children. 





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